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Trace Anyone provide a Professional Wills and Probate Search to clients wishing to Trace a Beneficiary. We specialise in successfully tracing beneficiaries relating to wills and probate. Probate tracing and beneficiary tracing can on occasion be slightly challenging, but you can be rest assured that you’re probate, will or beneficiary trace will be handled efficiently when you instruct Trace Anyone. 

It is now the norm for people to uproot their lives and relocate to different parts of the world, often far from their immediate families. Because of this heirs are sometimes overlooked after a death has occurred. Trace Anyone have the resources and expertise to trace the missing beneficiary, heir or will.

Using a variety of resources, our UK based tracing agents and heir hunters can assist you in locating missing beneficiaries. Our missing heir tracing agents can use a wide variety of resources to locate the missing beneficiary, including public records and proprietary databases. With the help of our global network of tracing agents, we can find a beneficiary wherever they may be.

When it comes to a Wills and Probate Search our global network of tracing services and our extensive UK tracing agent network work together to obtain the best possible results. 


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Our Wills and Probate Search Service Saves You Time


Locating a missing beneficiary is a challenging chore that most of us hope we never have to face. The fact that time is of the essence and the service is frequently needed during a period of grief and mourning makes the process even more challenging for the bereaved family. Our tracing agents and support staff are available to make that job straightforward. Our professional beneficiary tracing service will rapidly discover a resolution for you or your clients. 

Discovering lost heirs anywhere in the world has never been quicker or cheaper than with our help. 

Whether you need us to find a lost heir in the event of an intestacy or a missing beneficiary in the event of a Will, we are confident in our ability to do so. No matter how little data you provide us with, we will do our best to locate your missing beneficiaries. Our seasoned staff has successfully located missing beneficiaries in nearly every region of the world. 

Experts in Tracing Beneficiaries and Wills

When Should You Use Our Wills and Probate Search Tracing Service? 

We have one of the most reputable tracing services in the UK and can help you locate the intended recipient. Trust officials, attorneys, and guardians routinely utilise the services of our UK tracing agents because of their extensive experience in locating missing beneficiaries worldwide. If a beneficiary has lost touch with their family and we are unable to locate them, our tracing agents will do everything in their power to help them find us using the most up-to-date technology available. Our tracing service is aware of the critical nature of prompt delivery of the beneficiary’s contact information in such situations and works diligently to do so. Our tracing agents work hard to meet your needs and provide a consistent level of service. 

Consistently, we collaborate with lawyers all around the United Kingdom and beyond. We are able to track down information and papers from any country because of our global reach. Our clients include prominent attorneys in New York City, London, and throughout Europe. Customers frequently reach out to Heir Line in the hopes of reuniting with long-lost friends, family members, and acquaintances. When given even a small amount of information, we may be able to assist in locating birth families for adopted individuals. 

Get in contact with our knowledgeable Wills and Probate Search specialists if you need assistance with a beneficiary trace inquiry. For international beneficiary tracing needs, we’re here to help.


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