Background Checks

Employee Background Checks

Pre-employment screening services and detailed background searches.

There is no longer any doubt about the need for background checks and pre-employment screening services in the UK with applicants from all over the globe now expect that a background check will be performed on them when they seek new employment.

The only real issue left is the selection of a background check and verification agency to assist you in the process of verifying the applicants past. Trace Anyones employee screening process is completely legal, confidential and conducted by an experienced investigator specialising in pre employment background checks and criminal record searches.

The verification process is fast, easy and efficient and to use.

Our background check service can provide the following information about the person.

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Background checking services

Our in-depth employment screening and background checking services cover any requirements an employer or partner may have for checking a background including the following:

  • Personal references
  • Previous employment
  • Identify any alias names used.
  • Professional qualifications
  • Academic qualifications
  • Financial stress indicators
  • Disqualification as company director
  • Court Decrees
  • FSA checks

  • DOB and identity verifications
  • UK right to work verification
  • Passport verification

  • Anti Money Laundering ID checks
  • Bankruptcy, Sequestration & Insolvency
  • Any other addresses we find linked to the applicant.

Credit searches within the last 6 months, e.g. applications for credit cards etc. Dentify any County Court Judgments (CCJs), Court Decrees, Bankruptcy, Sequestration or Insolvency over the last 6 years. For CCJs and

Verification of financial accounts found linked to the applicant at the address provided. Verification as to whether the individual has been listed for HM Treasury or OFAC sanctions.

For more information on our background check service please email us here Or alternatively please call:
UK : 0844 870 7358 | International : +44(0)844 870 7358

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