Cyprus Tracing Services

Trace and people search Cyprus

For the past fifteen years, Trace Anyone has successfully traced people and businesses for our legal and corporate clients throughout Cyprus. 

We have a good success rate, and while the majority of our traces entail finding persons all over the world.

We provide a quick and efficient Cyprusn tracing agent service with a high success rate in locating people who do not want to be located. 

The following are common scenarios that result in a trace request: 


LTFU (Long-Term Follow-Up) Clinical Trial’s and retention searches

Missing witnesses 

Tracing Family members 

Adoption – locating biological parent

Locating self-employed business people

Locating shareholders or directors 

We’ve mastered the art of locating people in Cyprus. We’ve had a lot of luck tracking down missing people, debtors, lost relatives, and even heirs throughout the years. This includes everything from background checks to more in-depth reports. 

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Tracing Services in Cyprus

It takes a combination of resources, expertise, and willpower. We don’t leave any stone unturned, relying on a global network of agents and legally accessible databases to sift through data and find what you need. Where appropriate, we’ll harness the power of social media across a variety of platforms to supplement what we already know about the individual you’re looking for. 

As a consequence, you’ll have complete peace of mind, as well as the knowledge you need to take action or contact someone who lives in Cyprus. We will only supply you with information and a detailed report of our findings if we find a 100 percent match. Most importantly, you may rest confident that we will never employ any illegal or unethical methods, and that everything will be done in complete secrecy. 

You don’t want to waste time with a jack of all trades or DIY searches, if you need to trace someone in Cyprus , Trace Anyone are a team of tracing agents who are professional, dependable, and highly skilled. In plain terms, we’re a premier people-tracing organisation.

Finding a missing relative or someone who owes you money becomes increasingly difficult the longer you wait. Trace Anyone are here to assist you whenever you’re ready to take the first steps toward discovering that person. 

We’ve traced innumerable people over the years and have developed a tried-and-true tracing procedure that will provide you with the information you require. To learn more, please contact us to day to find out more. One of our tracers can talk you through the process and put your mind at ease.

Tracing Agent Services

International tracing and people search services can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

Traces in Cyprus are usually completed within just 14 days.

Successful traces will be forwarded with a written report that includes the subject’s confirmed current address.

We are also able to provide employment details and other specialist information, on request.

Call us now to discuss your individual people trace requirements on +44 (0)844 870 7358 or take a minute or two and email us at and one of our experienced tracing consultants will get back to you.

Helpful information:

Although we specialise in tracing people in Cyprus with few readily available details, it is always helpful if clients are able to provide:

  • The subject’s full name, date of birth and last known address.
  • Any known previous addresses or relatives addresses.
  • Current or past employment details.
  • Any telephone numbers.
  • Any other relevant information.

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