Employment Trace

We can trace the current employment details for any person in the UK and Worldwide.

Employment Trace

Employment Trace

If you need to secure a monthly repayment via attachment of earnings but you do not know where the debtor is currently working then this is the report for you.

Trace Anyone’s report will include the current employment status of the debtor, this will include the name and address of the employer (if employed) and also the debtors approximate income, if available.

This report is particularly useful if you are thinking of enforcing a CCJ with an attachment of earnings order.

Our in-depth employment tracing reports provide the very latest information and utilise a number of up-to-date databases and resources.

We can provide information on both incorporated and non-incorporated entities such as sole traders and partnerships.

Employment trace cost: £145.00

Timescale: 7 days

The more information that can be provided when initiating a search, the greater the likelihood of obtaining positive results from the employment tracing process.

If the above are not available then we will need to conduct a residential address trace to complete the employment trace at our standard people search rates.