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UK Employment Tracing Services

Employment Trace – Our accurate employment tracing service will be able to find the name and address of a current employer for any person of interest that is based in the UK. The service will verify the current place of employment and supply the name of the employer along with their most recent address. 

Trace Anyone’s employment tracing service is typically utilised to get the current employer’s contact information in advance of making an application.

Employment tracing is something that takes place in the corporate sector on a very regular basis today. Companies frequently find themselves in the position of having to lend significant sums of money, allowing customers to make purchases on credit. 

An employment trace is a straightforward and economical solution which is available cost effectively. 

Employment tracing is a great approach to find out where the individual in question works, which will allow you to investigate the possibility of contacting their employer about your payment. 

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What's included in an Employment Trace?

Trace Anyone will conduct thorough checks to determine whether or not an individual is employed and then identify the location of their place of work. 

We will to make every effort to determine the following: 

Whether or not the person in question is now employed or receiving benefits. 

Whether or not the person is employed, along with the name, phone number, and address of their employer. (Annual pay, if available) 

Whether or not the person is self-employed, along with facts about their company. 

The more information that can be provided when initiating an employment search, the greater the likelihood of obtaining positive results from the employment tracing process. If the persons residential address is not available then we will need to conduct a residential address trace to complete the employment trace at our tracing rates. 

Every one of our employment tracing agents maintain a high level of professionalism, confidentiality, and attention to detail while handling the evidence they uncover. All of the address searches will be conducted in complete secrecy.

You may be confident that Trace Anyone will exhaust every possible avenue in its pursuit of the person that need to be traced. 

The person’s entire name and their most recent known residential address are all that we require in order to locate them. Any further information that you can provide, such as a date of birth or facts about former employment, would assist us in our employment tracing process. 


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