Trace debtor

Our tracing agents trace debtors efficiently, discreetly and accurately regardless of the information present.

With over 14 years tracing and people search experience we are one of the UK’s most established debtor tracing agencies.

We can find and locate debtors throughout the UK and Worldwide – so if you need to an established agency to carry out your tracing requirements, contact us today to discuss our fixed fee options.

No trace no fee

Trace Anyone now offer tracing and people finding on a no win no fee basis throughout the UK call us today to discuss your people search requirements and you will be astonished at the results our tracing databases can provide.

This type of trace is performed via tried and tested database methods, we have various tracing databases at our disposal so we can now offer tracing on a no trace no fee basis within the UK due to the resources available to us.

Trace a friend

Trace missing friends – We can search and find missing and lost friends from your school or from your past regardless of the information you have.

Since its launch, and evident success, and a further two news sites have popped up offering similar services and Unfortunately not every one is listed in these sites, so you may require a tracing agency who can delve substantially deeper that the average database to trace a friend from the past.

Trace family

Trace Anyone are well know for there family tracing capacities throughout the UK and Worldwide.

We know that sometimes searching and tracing faulty and relatives may be a sensitive issue, our tracing agents are required to be totally discreet and sometimes sympathetic when investigating family matters, so please be rest assured – you and your families information will be kept confidential and trace enquires are discreet.

Trace a witness

Trace Anyone can effectively and accurately locate witnesses for various reasons or legal requirements.

We know that sometimes the information that may be available about witnesses is rather limited, sometimes just a name and occupation. This is why we are the market leaders when it comes to tracing witnesses for the legal profession.

We have tried and tested tracing techniques for locating various types of witnesses throughout the UK and Internationally.

Probate trace

To be able to carry our effective probate tracing and genealogy research you are required to know exactly what you are doing and where to look, as there is not any room for errors.

The cost for probate tracing and genealogy research varies, but sometimes includes agents physically visiting properties and making local enquiries at the previous address, with neighbours and places of interest.

Please call for further information about probate research and genealogy, you will be surprised at the cost effective investigation techniques and thoroughness we can provide you.

Tenant trace

Trace Anyone can quickly and efficiently trace your absconding tenant.

Our experience and varied tenant tracing techniques will locate even the most elusive tenant and can assist you in reclaiming the unpaid rent on your property.

We can trace absconding debtors or tenants for a low fixed fee and you will receive a full Trace Report within 7-14 business days.

We are one of the UK’s most experienced, longstanding and cost effective tenant tracing agencies.

Volume and bulk tracing

Trace anyone regularly receive bulk and volume traces from clients who are currently using other tracing agents to carry out their searches, but are not entirely satisfied with the results that are returned

Trace anyone can guarantee you will not go back to your previous tracing agent due to our pricing structure and the accurate trace results we can obtain which is due to our unique people search and tracing databases and expertise within the tracing services industry.


Surveillance is a specialist skill that cannot be learnt in a classroom, only years of experience and a range of varied scenarios teach a surveillance operative how to carry out surveillance discreetly and productively.

We pride ourselves on the results we achieve and how we produce the evidence and information for our client(s)

Clients require surveillance for various reasons, including insurance fraud/ personal injury claims, matrimonial matters, proof of co-habitation or just to check if someone is alive and well.

People search

We specialise in people searches and missing person cases. We have many years years of experience carrying out people searches and we can subsequently locate people anywhere in the World. Whether you are trying to find a debtor, a lost loved one, old friend, family member, schoolmate, relative, military buddy, Ex-Wife or Ex- Husband, we use our expertise in all missing person cases.

Trace Anyone can locate someone with just a name and even if a person has changed there name or has remarried, we can find them via our people search techniques.

Background check

Check someones background and past with Trace Anyone.

Whatever your reason for wanting to verify or check someones background, we can assist you with our in depth tailor-made background check and verification services.

A background check from Trace Anyone can answer many of the who, what, when, and where, thereby confirming your trust and helping you gain peace of mind.

Check out our background check customer testimonials and successful background check stories on our testimonial page

International Tracing Agency

Trace Anyone can quickly and cost effectively trace and locate people Worldwide with our totally unique International people search databases and verified agents.

We can locate people in the following countries:

International trace -UK trace

France, Spain, Germany, Holland, Poland, Italy, Canada, ,USA, Europe, Portugal,
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Hungary,
Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Dubai, China, Hong Kong.

Trace and process serve

Once Trace Anyone have carried out a search and trace inquiry we can then effectively carry out process service on the person we have located.

We have more than 125 process servers and inquiry agents situated around the UK who can provide document service for solicitors and private clients alike at short notice in a timely and professional manner.

Call us today to dices our totally unique trace and process serving service.

Employee Verification and background screening

All employee verification checks are carried out in house by our experienced background screening and employment verification agents.

Our background screening process specializes in the screening and vetting of prospective employees. Working to government standards like BS7858:2006, we can help detect criminal convictions, past dismissals and CV fraud before you commit to employing, keeping you compliant and ensuring any public liability insurances are not invalidated.

Property search

Trace Anyone can carry out a full property search to locate any properties that someone is not be disclosing for financial or tax reasons. This is a highly specialized area, as the Land Registry does not provide a reverse search feature.

We have over 14 years carrying out property searches within the UK and Worldwide.

Our in-house tracing property searching team will provide accurate and current data in approximately 14 days of the search instruction.