Pre-sue report

What is a Pre-litigation, pre-sue report?

Trace Anyone can find out what assets an individual or business has throughout the UK and Worldwide by requesting a pre-litigation, pre-sue report.

If you have exhausted all possible avenues and the only option available to you is to sue then we would recommend you obtain a pre-sue report.

A pre-sue report will include:

  • Employment confirmation and details
  • Lifestyle checks and reports
  • ID check
  • Confirmation of given address and previous addresses
  • CCJ search
  • Bankruptcy search
  • Property ownership search
  • Directorship searches
  • Aliases
  • Associates
Employment trace, Tracing employers

Accurate, Cost effective Pre-sue Investigations

In order to successfully recover a debt, pre-sue and asset reports are essential components of the case. They offer additional evidence that enables customers to make an informed decision about how to proceed with a debt recovery instruction, which is made possible by the fact that they are provided. 

It is possible to utilise a pre-sue or asset report as evidence in a judicial proceeding to confirm that a debtor is dwelling at a particular address or to refute the debtor’s claim that they are aware of the debt in question. This service is becoming increasingly popular among consumers who are either denying the existence of the debt or refusing to pay it. Before beginning time-consuming and costly court actions, the client can take advantage of this opportunity to gather relevant information about the debtor. Trace Anyone’s pre-sue reports provide all of the information required to determine whether or not your debtor has the ability to pay the debt.
From here you can make an informed decision as to whether litigation is worth pursuing.

We can tailor and adapt all pre-sue reports to suit the specific needs of each individual client.
Our pre-sue reports are regularly used by solicitors and insolvency practitioners as a primary investigation tool, to provide information that would be relevant to any future court proceeding and to assist in deciding whether further searches or surveillance are necessary.

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