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Welcome to Trace Anyone - UK People Search and Tracing Agency.

14 years experience searching and finding people for private and corporate clients in the United Kingdom and Worldwide.

What we do

Trace Anyone’s people search and background check
service is second to none, we can trace debtors via professional people search databases and techniques for tracing people within the UK and also Internationally.

We are able to carry out a family search or a friend trace on a no trace no fee basis accurately.

We offer accurate and discreet employee verifications, employment traces and surveillance services which are available to all clients.

We are a London based people search agency that are dedicated in OUR MISSION to provide accurate tracing services to our clients.

We have recently implemented a unique people finding and tracing database to search and locate people in Europe and all around the World.

We now carry out tracing and verifications in 162 countries Worldwide, using only tried and tested techniques, databases and verified agents.

We currently act on behalf of the Legal Profession, Private Clients, Pharmaceutical Companies, Insurance Companies, Letting Agencies, over 13 Councils within the UK, Universities/ Colleges, Private Investigators, Banks, Advertising Companies, Banks, Credit Agencies, Storage Facilities, Hotels, Retail Companies, Leisure Facilities, Recruitment, Investors and Telecommunications Companies.

Clients are the reason for our existence and we focus on listening to their needs, providing solutions and rendering a service in a totally professional and discretional manner.

Trace Anyone UK offers one of the most cost effective and successful tracing and people search services in the UK.

We have traced and located and traced thousands of debtors and family members around the World since 1996.

Please visit our testimonials page for the positive feedback we have received relating to the searches we have carried out Worldwide.

Regardless of the reason you require a tracing or people search agency, we are able to quickly and efficiently provide you with the best and most current trace data available.

When searching and looking to trace people who are missing or that you have lost touch with, family, friends, or a debtor who owes money, Trace Anyone UK offer a comprehensive and thorough people search finding service for the tracing of missing people within the UK, Europe and Internationally.
Our highly experienced tracing agents/ investigators successfully locate people with minimal information, we are always happy to assist in the more difficult searches where other investigators or tracing agencies may be unable or unwilling to help due to the amount of searching involved in tracing the whereabouts of the person.

How much will it cost to carry out a people-search to trace a debtor, trace a friend or search for family, trace a tenant, trace a witness, perform a background check or trace a missing person.

Please view our costs fees page for our tracing fees and costs.

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