Trace Debtor or Family in Australia

People Search Australia

People Search Australia are a longstanding Tracing agency that are able to trace debtors, family members and old friends costs effectively and accurately.

If you know the person’s name, the procedure can be straightforward, but it could also be challenging. We have been able to discover individuals using only their forenames and surnames in Australia. 

We understand the crucial importance of tracing cases, whether our clients are individuals seeking tracing for personal or familial reasons or businesses trying to collect debts in order to stay afloat. Because of this, we continuously enhance and uphold the high calibre of our tracing services and operational standards. 

Our company is significantly reliant on technology. We continually upgrade our intelligence systems, data, and processes to keep on top of developments in a world that is changing quickly. 

For each People Search in Australia, we put together a specialised team of our trained individuals. Our private investigators and tracing agents have experience in the police, military, and government, among other fields. Our technical team is up to date on electronic and digital tracing techniques.  

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People Searching services in Australia

Our knowledgeable tracing team at Trace Anyone is highly skilled in finding missing people in Australia. Although we are situated in London, our tracing staff can even assist in locating individuals who are now located in Australia by utilising the most effective tracing methods available, our tracing services can assist businesses, people, lawyers, and governmental organisations. Finding Missing Persons 

No matter the cause, Trace Anyone has a wealth of knowledge and experience in finding the missing. All of our calls are lawfully handled in accordance with UK data protection laws, and they often involve the following situations: 

Trace a Debtor

Missing tenants 


Trace a family member

Locate a witness

15 years Tracing debtors and family in Australia

It might be difficult to decide where to begin when tracing a debtor in Australia, we will fortunately be able to search through various databases that Trace Anyone has access to in order to locate the debtor, family member or witness. Finding bad debtors will help you recover any money you may be due as fast and effectively as feasible while preventing unpaid obligations. Fortunately, Trace Anyone has a proven track record of locating problematic debtors and carrying out the required legal proceedings to reclaim outstanding money.

We can can conduct a people search for process serving, which we can also do on your behalf, as well as locate legal witnesses so they can appear in court. 

We can guarantee prompt tracing of a missing person or debtor in Australia within 7 days of instruction.

Tracing Agent Services

Our team is the go-to team to assist you in finding your missing person since we have over 15 years of expertise and a success rate of over 95%. 

We use the most cutting-edge, data protection compliant methods available in our industry, which makes us the go-to company for tracing services for many attorneys’ offices and local governments internationally.

 Call us now to discuss your individual people trace requirements on +44 (0)844 870 7358 or take a minute or two and email us at and one of our experienced tracing consultants will get back to you.

Helpful information:

Although we specialise in tracing people in Australia with few readily available details, it is always helpful if clients are able to provide:

  • The subject’s full name, date of birth and last known address.
  • Any known previous addresses or relatives addresses.
  • Current or past employment details.
  • Any telephone numbers.
  • Any other relevant information.

Cost Effective, Accurate Worldwide Tracing Services

Our Tracing services are a cost effective method of obtaining information on a persons current location. 

Tracing services can be very useful in an array of situations including some of the following:

  • Trace a Debtor
  • Adultery / Divorce Investigations

  • Family Tracing
  • People Search

  • Witness Tracing
  • Personal Injury
  • Trace Missing Friend
  • Probate Enquiries
  • Trace Respondent
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Employment Trace
  • Beneficiary Tracing


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