UK Property Search

UK Property Search

UK Property searches

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Searching for property ownership and tracing assets within the UK can be problematic for the average consumer, but at Trace Anyone we have developed a unique property search system that enables us to reverse search all properties within the UK and trace the registered owners of the address.

Property ownership may be one of a debtors major assets, so you consequently secure your debt via a charging order

All investigations are fully documented, this would include homeowner details, charges against the property and an estimate of the value.
The report will also include the relevant Land Registry details. Why not use the UK’s Government Land Registry Database?

Unfortunately the Land Registry does not have a feature whereby the consumer can input “Mr Smith’s” details and you would receive a list of properties owned by ” Mr Smith”.

Trace Anyone can establish the full list of properties owned by “Mr Smith” and then we can subsequently order the documentation from the Land Registry as proof of ownership.

Our highly experienced property tracing agents and investigators successfully locate properties within the entire U, sometimes with minimal information, we are happy to assist in the more difficult cases where other investigators or tracing agencies may be unable or unwilling to help due to the amount of time involved in locating the properties

We have an outstanding track record for tracing and locating properties so please call us for a free consultation.

All property searches are conducted in accordance with all relevant UK and European legislation.