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We are experienced genealogists, tracing family history across the UK and Worldwide.

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Family history tracing agency for researching Genealogy, to help locate and find your ancestors & trace your family tree.

We feel passionately about family tree research and family history searching due the nature of the various other trace enquiries we receive – debtors, people that carry out fraud, respondents that need to be traced so court papers can be served on them etc etc tracing someones family is far more personal and sensitive.

We have been tracing family trees and carrying out complex family tracing enquiries dating back to the early 1700’s for over 14 years so we know and feel we have the capabilities to not only proceed with the family trace efficiently, but also discreetly and with compassion.

As experienced GENEALOGY AND PROBATE TRACING agents and people tracers, tracing lost and missing family members and locating relatives beneficiaries,tracing services,missing friends,missing family,finding missing persons,genealogist,probate,researchers,heirs, Missing Family, Lost Relatives, we are never surprised by the variation of missing family members. Some family have moved abroad, passed away, changed their name (Deed poll, marriage, convenience, death).
It is our experience in genealogy research procedures that allow us to be successful in tracing and locating missing family members who have gone missing for whatever reason.

Many different types of people are reported missing every year for various reasons, from the very young to the very old, boys and girls, men and women, vulnerable adults, people who are running away and people who have drifted out of contact.

It is our family tree and genealogy history research experience which puts us ahead of other family history research tracing agents and family tree tracing organisations.
We offer an in depth genealogy investigation, turning over all relevant stones to find clues as to the whereabouts of the family member or missing person we are searching for.