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Find a missing person

If you are looking to find people who are missing or that you have lost contact with, family, friends, Trace Anyone search and find family members throughout the UK and Worldwide.

Trace Anyone UK have been locating missing persons and finding people in the UK and Internationally for over 14 years, regularly supplying valuable background information including other contact details, place of employment, contact telephone numbers or email addresses as well as specific intelligence tailor-made to the clients needs.

Many different types of people are reported as missing persons every year for various reasons, from the very young to the very old, boys and girls, men and women, vulnerable adults, people who are running away and people who have drifted out of contact.

We feel passionately about tracing missing persons and we always endeavour to carry out the most through of searches for people that have gone missing for whatever the reason.

A missing person investigation is dealt with on a strictly confidential basis.

The depth of the investigation/ search and the cost involved will reflect the clients individual requirements, and the information given to trace and locate the missing person.

We ensure complete confidentiality at all times when tracing missing persons.

The missing person we are trying to locate remains unaware of our enquiries, which are routinely conducted with absolute sensitivity and discretion at all times.

As with all cases, Trace Anyone UK ensure we keep clients updated throughout the progress of their case and consult them on any breakthroughs or decisions that need to be made that would be relevant in tracing the missing person.