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Trace absconding tenant

Trace absconding tenant

Trace Anyone Tracing Agents: Trace debtors, absconding tenants or trace people that have been avoiding detection in the UK and around the World. We are a London based tracing and people finding agency supplying a tailor made service to our new and long-standing clientèle.

Tenant Tracing Services

Absconded tenants cost landlords thousands – tenants sometimes abandon your property without notice and leave at the end of a tenancy without giving you a forwarding address.

If your ex tenant owes you money then you may need to trace them as quickly as possible so that you can start legal proceedings to recover any money due to unpaid rent, damaged property, and unpaid utilities

Don’t forget to add the cost of our Tenant Tracing Fee to any money claims that you aim to take to the small claims court.

We also provide a process serving service if you wish to have documents personally served on the ex tenant/ respondent.

Our unique trace and serve service is available at a cost of £300.00

This would include the trace of the ex tenant, personal service, affidavit or statement of service stating the relevant circumstances of the document service.

We actively pursue your tenant and locate them as quickly as we can. However, you should understand that when people move it can take a little while for them to establish a new “footprint” in a new location.

We have a 91% success rate in tracing people, because we continue to do searches until the tenant is traced or we establish, on rare occasions, that it is not possible to trace them. In these instances we have usually lost money because it costs us every time we do a check. However, we always return the fee in this situation*.

We offer a totally unique tenant tracing service targeting landlords with two tailor made services:

Tenant Verification and Screening checks / Background Checking service

For a fee of £285.00 we can verify the persons history, verify last addresses and obtain references from previous landlords and also check there credit and financial status to ensure they eligible to be staying in your property.

Absconded tenant tracing service

For a fee of £185.00 we can trace the tenants current address.

Unfortunately landlords can’t stop tenants from disappearing in the night but what they can do is make sure they have the required information to find the tenant at their new address, this is where Trace Anyone’s tracing expertise is a vital resource.

For an additional £85.00 we can carry out credit checks to verify if the person has good/ bad credit (this is extremely useful if you are considering taking your ex tenant to court and to take into consideration whether its financially viable or not)

What information would be required to trace a tenant or carry out a Tenant Verification/ background check?

  • Full name, previous addresses and date of birth
  • Parents addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • Work details

If you have all of the above then we can carry out the trace on a no trace no fee basis – please view our no trace no fee page.

Please note:

We do not carry out tenant verification/ background checks on a no trace no fee basis.

Why choose us?

With so many tracing agents valuable on the Internet, it can be difficult who to know who to choose. Trace Anyone have been tracing debtors, absconding tenants, family and so on for over 14 years. We feel passionately about tracing people who believe they can just disappear and leave their debts behind. Reliable, Confidential, and Professional are just three words to describe Trace Anyone.
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