Friend Trace

We Trace Old Friends and acquaintances, with 14 years experience searching & finding old friends for private clients in the United Kingdom and Worldwide.

Find missing friends

Trace anyone can search and trace old friends, old flames, companions.

Whether they be from your old school, university, college, workplace we can locate them with even the smallest piece of information.

We all wonder what happened to that special person that in one way or another touched our lives many years ago.
If your planning to meet up with old school friends / organise a reunion party. find your old school pals from our past, Trace Anyone UK is a great way to locate and meet up with old friends.

We feel passionately about locating people from the past, whether they be family of friends from yesteryear or someone you just cant get out of your head for what ever reason we have the experience, ability and databases to trace that special person.

If someone has been on your mind—a classmate, an old friend or flame, maybe even a long lost relative—we can find that person for you in as little as 7 days.

Bringing old friends back together is rewarding work, but nothing compared to the joy of re-kindling relationships from long ago.

We guarantee total discretion and confidentiality whilst carrying out our searches.

Contact us today to instruct us to locate your old friend.