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Employee Verification Services

14 years experience checking verifying prospective employees backgrounds and history for private and corporate clients in the United Kingdom and Worldwide

Employee Verification

Professional Employee Verification Services

With nearly two decades cumulative experience in employee verification, pre-employment screening, corporate research and investigations, our mandate is to provide you with custom pre-employment screening and personalised service for your research, investigative and background check needs.
As the preeminent source for customised pre-employment & employment verification checks, we are determined to provide a personalised service for your employment screening needs.
We will go out of our way to make it easy for your business and your Human Resources (HR) Department to conduct employment screening and verification checks.
Trace Anyone offers a completely comprehensive employee checking services to our clients, including criminal records, credit reports, drug screening, and much more.
Our web-based employment screening and verification service includes the same custom background checking service that has made us a favourite with many Human Resources Departments

When you talk about your employment screening needs with a representative at Trace Anyone, you are talking to someone with pre-employment screening experience.
We can flag or highlight certain aspects of a employment check that may prove problematic in hiring a particular job candidate.

Our corporate research, investigation and competitive intelligence service is accomplished with the personal touch. We also understand the importance of background research and how it applies to your business needs. Be it name generation for your executive searching needs or the need for comparative or competitive intelligence for new product entry or developmental concerns we help you to accurately identify your actual competition as well as assessing its developmental programs.

Call us now to discuss your individual employee verification requirements on +44 (0)844 870 7358 or take a minute or two to and email us at info@traceanyone.co.uk and one of our experienced consultants will get back to you.

Our in-depth employment screening and background checking services cover any requirements an employer or partner may have for checking a background including the following:

  • Personal references
  • Previous employment
  • Verification of financial accounts found linked to the applicant at the address provided.
  • Identify any alias names used.
  • Professional qualifications
  • Academic qualifications
  • National Insurance number verification
  • Financial stress indicators
  • Disqualification as company director
  • Identification of other company interests (Director / Company Secretary)
  • Media searches
  • Court Decrees the report will also identify the actual amounts involved and whether the debts have been satisfied.
  • Criminal record checks
  • Bankruptcy, Sequestration & Insolvency
  • DOB and identity verifications
  • Check electoral register entries for the address provided returning the details found in the public register.
  • UK right to work verification
  • Passport verification
  • Overseas criminal record checks
  • FSA checks
  • Anti Money Laundering ID checks
  • Identify any County Court Judgments (CCJs), Court Decrees, Bankruptcy, Sequestration or Insolvency over the last 6 years. For CCJs and
  • Additional address verifications against Credit and Telephone databases.
  • Date of Birth verifications against electoral register and credit databases.
  • Credit searches within the last 6 months, e.g. applications for credit cards etc.
  • Any other addresses we find linked to the applicant.
  • Verification as to whether the individual has been listed for HM Treasury or OFAC sanctions.