Costs / Fees

Trace Anyone Fees and Costs.

How much will it cost to Trace and find someone?

The cost of tracing and finding people essentially depends on the information that is available about the person and therefore the complexity of the trace investigation and searches required to trace the person that needs to be found.

Since every trace and people search enquiry is essentially unique and because of the delicate nature of the tracing work we carry out, before commencement of any assignment we suggest you call and speak with us, so we are fully able to comprehend your specific requirements.

Having up to date background facts reduces the cost and time-scale of an investigation in comparison to the more intricate requirements for, tracing birth parents, debtors, fraud or tracing people Internationally.

Our UK Tracing structure is explained below:

No Trace No Fee: £155.00 –  (UK based searches only)

To proceed on a no trace no fee basis, the client is required to have all of the following information available:

  1. Full name – (no variations of spellings)
  2. Full last address (within 5 years)
  3. DOB (Date of Birth) – (no variations)

Please note: We are able to carry out traces on a no trace no fee basis if all of the 3 points above are available.

Standard Trace Fee: £185.00 – £225.00 (dependant on the information available)

Background Check: £285.00+

International Tracing Costs and Fees

We provide an International tracing and people finding service in all of the following Countries:
Poland, Italy, Spain, Canada, USA, Europe, France, Portugal, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Dubai, China, Cyprus, Hong Kong and various other countries around the globe.
All International searches are payable in advance.

Please call or email us so we can evaluate the search accurately.

Contact Details:

UK : 0844 870 7358

International : +44(0)844 870 7358


Payment methods:

Payment to Trace Anyone is acceptable in most forms.

  • Credit/ Debit Card
  • Cheque
  • Bank Transfer: Trace Anyone are happy to provide our banking details including SWIFT and IBAN codes for International payments.
  • Invoice: Please note, this option is only available if your are a registered UK Ltd company.
  • Cash deposit: Trace Anyone are happy to provide our banking details for cash deposits, this to ensure that total discretion is guaranteed as the payment will not show up on your statements.

All cash payments will be fully receipted and documented by Trace Anyone.

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We offer excellent agent to agent rates to other Private Investigation or Tracing agencies, please call to discuss the various options available.
All prices above are exclusive of VAT which will be charged at the current rate of 20%
We emphasise again: Our no trace no fee service is only available for UK based searches and not International searches – please call for traces outside of the UK.